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General Simply Nuna™ FAQs

What are 100% Pure Essential Oils?
100% pure essential oils means that they are, unadulterated with no synthetics. These oils come directly from plants, trees, flowers, herbs and fruits.

Why are Simply Nuna™ Products different than the other companies on the market?
There are a few reasons why our products are different than the others.
  • All of the oils used in our blends are 100% Pure and sourced from farms around the world that are either certified Organic or follow all Organic regulations and are GC/MS tested for purity.
  • Our Simply Nuna™ propriety blends are formulated based on chemistry and the effectiveness of each and what the body may need to help aid in healing the mind + body from common ailments.
  • Our Rollers are diluted in Organic Jojoba Oil and our Face Serums are diluted in Organic Argan Oil. We have created an amazing product using the high quality carrier oils to help smooth and hydrate the skin.
  • We have superior manufacturers who uphold the highest quality standards for filling and packaging who allow us to be hands on in all steps of the process including manufacturing. With proper PPE we are even allowed in the manufacturing plant! Crazy talk. :)
  • We have unique fun and easy to throw in your bag packaging that allows you to have wellness with you, on the go!

Where does Simply Nuna™ get their oils?
At Simply Nuna™ we have partnered farms, around the world, to give us the purest oils that you can buy. Buying in large volumes allows us to source our oils from the same farms that two of the largest Essential Oils companies get their oils from. If you would like to know where each specific oil comes from look below the ingredient information on the product page of each individual product to find where each oil was harvested from.

What carrier oils do you use in your products?
Our Face Serums are made with 100% Organic Argan Oil and our roll-on blends are made of 100% Organic Jojoba Oil.

Do you wholesale your products?
Absolutely. We want to share the Simply Nuna™ Wellness love with everyone! Send us an email if you are interested in carrying our products.

Do you offer sales and promotions?
Yes! Our products have been so well reviewed by many of our customers that we offer coupons for those who routinely purchase our products time and time again, extra goodies if you make a purchase in your birthday month, Ambassador Brand Rep positions with paid commissions as well as coupon codes and sales throughout the year.

Simply Nuna™ Clean Beauty Roll-on Blends

How do I know what roll-on blend I will need?
Depending on what you are trying to heal will depend on what you will need. Check out our Buying Guide for help.

Can I use more than one roll-on blend at a time?
Absolutely! Some combos of our products, customers have found, create a much more intense balance. Mix, Match and try a few. You will be shocked!

How long does an 8oz. roll-on blend last?
It depends on your usage. If used daily, based on our recommendations it should last 1 month.

How often should I use my roll-on blends?
We suggest applying your roll-on blend to wrists temples and/or back of neck daily, every 2 hours for a few days.

Where do I apply my roll-on blend?
We suggested wrists, temples and/or back of neck. These points of application are recommended due to the fact that this area is where the blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin which allows a faster absorption rate of Essential Oils into the bloodstream.

Can the roll-on blends be used for children?
Absolutely! There are many benefits to introducing Essential Oil therapy to children. We recommend using on children 5 years +

Are the roll-on blends meant to be ingested?
No. All of our products are topical use only.

Are there other ways I can use my roll-on blends?
We also recommend using our blends as an inhalant. When you inhale Essential Oils through the nose there are tiny nerve endings that send signals directly to the brain triggering a system response that will help alter our mind which in turn will help balance our bodies.

Can I use your products while pregnant?
Yes. Our blends are diluted enough to use during pregnancy and can help with a wide range of ailments such as sleep issues and even morning sickness. Essential Oils do create a great deal of stimulation because, well, that’s what they are for right? We suggest consulting with your physician before use and stay away from blends containing Peppermint and Rosemary Oils. Check out our buying guide to find out which blends contain these oils.

Simply Nuna™ Clean Beauty Face Serums

Why is there a day and night? Is there a difference?
Yes there is a difference! The Simply Nuna™ Night Face Serum is formulated to absorb into the skin throughout the night so that you wake up with fresh hydrated skin. It is also infused with Essential Oils to help with restful sleep. The Simply Nuna™ Day Face Serum has a different formulation to absorb into the skin faster as well as tangerine oil to help lift your morning mood.

Can I use the Day Face Serum with make-up?
Yes! It actually makes foundation go on and look much smoother. We suggest waiting 5 minutes or so until the serum absorbs into the skin. Although you don’t need to. You will achieve the same results. Do not apply Day Face Serum to the eyelids, if you are using make-up, to avoid smudging.

Should I use Simply Nuna™ Face Serum Daily?
Both products can be used as apart of your daily routine, however, we recommend only using one of the products daily. The Simply Nuna™ Night Serum can be used while using the Simply Nuna™ Day Serum, but we recommend only using the Night 2x per week.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please send us an email through our contact page. We will respond as soon as possible.