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Skin Benefits of Organic Jojoba Oil + Why We Love It!

Organic Jojoba Oil is one of our favorite oils because of the amazing benefits it brings to the skin. We use Organic Jojoba Oil in all of our Simply Nuna™ Roll-on Blends because it is extremely gentle on the skin, nourishing and locks in long-lasting moisture.


Organic Jojoba Oil is an odorless, golden colored liquid wax extracted from the jojoba plant (simmondsia chinensis). The jojoba plant, a Native to Arizona, California and parts of Mexico because of the dry heat, is a shrub that can grow up to 15 feet high. The Jojoba seeds are harvested from the shrub and the wax is manually extracted, by grinding and pressing the seeds, over long periods of time.

Why Simply Nuna™ Chooses Organic Jojoba Oil
Mostly known as an “oil,” Jojoba is considered a wax, which makes it a game changer in its ability to nourish the skin and lock in the moisture. Oils are generally made of fatty acids, where as natural waxes, such as Jojoba, are mixtures of hydrocarbons that are soft and melt at much lower temperatures.

The wax properties are why brands choose Jojoba Oil as a main ingredient in their skincare products. Jojoba absorbs easily into the skin without leaving the skin feeling oily and delivers an abundance of hydration while also moisturizing the skin. Completely odorless, Jojoba is an excellent carrier oil to any product line. At Simply Nuna™, this is one of the many reasons why we have chosen Organic Jojoba Oil as our number one ingredient in all of our Aromatherapy Roll-on Blends. It allows us to curate truly unique blends of Essential Oils such as Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil - all used to maximize the balance of the mind and body.

Benefits of Organic Jojoba Oil in Simply Nuna™ Products

  • Gentle  |  Organic Jojoba Oil is amazing for people who have sensitive skin. Applying Jojoba to damaged or dry skin daily can help keep the skin moist and protected.
  • Provides Long-lasting Moisture  |  Organic Jojoba Oil will help improve the feel of skin, and provide a substantial long-acting, 24-hour skin hydration effect when using Simply Nuna™ Roll-On Blends in your daily routing.
  • Nourishing  |  Organic Jojoba Oil contains nutrients like vitamin E and B, as well as minerals like copper and zinc, which protect skin from everyday environmental irritants
  • Anti–aging  |  Organic Jojoba Oil, being one of the best oils to provide loads of moisture to the skin, Jojoba can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while you are balancing your mind and body with essential oils.

If you need assistance in choosing a product that best fits your needs, please refer to our Simply Nuna™ buying guide 

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