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How to Manage Anxiety and Stress

Stress is a growing problem among people of all ages. An article recently posted on Good Morning America - Workplace burnout is now officially a recognized mental health concern: what you should know:, talks about how unmanaged stress is a medical issue recognized by the World Health Organization and can be defined as "and Occupational Phenmomemon resulting from chronic workplace stress that is not being managed properly." Yes, it’s almost impossible to take a journey through life without anxiety or stress. They can cause side effects that some might not even realize are the source of being stressed. Often times stress can cause the feeling of being anxious, which can lead to trouble with digestion or even the lack of good night sleep.

Thankfully, there are simple ways to deal with stress that most of us most likely overlook because of the daily chaos of life. A well-balanced healthy diet, an adequate amount of exercise and the proper amount of consistent sleep are the most important things we can do for our bodies to not only sustain energy but help relieve stress. Incorporating 100% Pure Essential Oil products can also help naturally balance the mind and body and help ease lingering ailments from stress.

Rollerball Essential Oils blends are perfect for on-the-go. Simply unscrew the cap and roll the oils directly onto the area of concern. The oil will naturally absorb into the bloodstream and help balance your mind and body. How do we manage stress?

What are you eating?
Having a digestive system in distress is generally a sign of stress and/or anxiety which is usually followed by poor eating habits. What we put in our bodies should be just as important as what we put on our skin. Creating a healthy balanced diet can also be followed up with natural products that are specially formulated to calm down your body and mental state so that you can focus on restoring your gut. Products containing Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils have a long-lasting ability to relax the body. Incorporating foods into your diet such as ginger and chia seeds can also help add some relief.

Helpful Natural Essential Oil Products to help Calm your digestive track:
Calm Rollerball
Strength Rollerball

How do you move your body?
Do you sit in a chair all day? Do you stand for long periods? Our bodies need to move in order to release tension, keep stress levels down and create healthy digestion. Getting the blood flowing naturally creates energy which allows the body to manage stress properly. Have you ever stretched for a good 30 seconds and said to yourself “that was a great stretch?” If so, something as simple as a “good stretch” can naturally stimulate the endorphins to keep energy levels up and stress levels down. Combine a great stretch or a vigorous workout with one of our Simply Nuna rollerball essential oil blends and your doing your day right.

Helpful Natural Essential Oil Products to use during exercise:
Uplift Rollerball
Tension Rollerball

How are you managing your Sleep?
Our minds race. We think about all the things we didn’t complete today and all the things we need to accomplish tomorrow. Sleep is needed in order to sustain and function. We have to sleep in order to restore our minds and repair our bodies for the next day. When you are on vacation, sleep is much easier when you know you don’t need to rush around to start the next day. Getting a restful night of sleep allows you to manage stress effectively. Using Natural Products packed with plant-based essential oils is a lovely treat to help ease your mind, sleep well and be ready to take on the next day!

Helpful Natural Essential Oil Products to use during exercise:
Sleep Rollerball
Headache Rollerball

Listen to your body. The body gives us warning signs, that often times, we fail to recognize. Managing anxiety and stress starts with making a change in your daily life. Simply Nuna Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Blends are a perfect way to assist your body and mind into making the right choices to help ease the side effects of stress and anxiety.

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